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The forum is mainly supply some disscusion with the fertilizer producer about how to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer.

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How to make organic fertilizer granulator?

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1How to make organic fertilizer granulator? Empty How to make organic fertilizer granulator? on Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:55 pm


Making the organic fertilizer granulator using the organic fertilizer manfuacturing process  is a new method ,which is higher efficient and higher yield compared with the traditional method of making the organic fertilizer granulator.So how to make the organic fertilzier granulator?
Firstly,we need to be ready well the raw material of making the granulator,and then using the fermentation compost turner machine  to ferment the raw material for sometime.And then using the fertilizer crusher machine to crush the big raw material and then add other material into the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw material with other addiditional materails.After making the granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine .In the fertilizer production line,the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine is equipped to make the organic fertilizer granulator.Different fertilzier granulator machine type are designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or npk,compound fertilizer granulator.We can choose the suitable fertilizer granulator machine according to the raw material what we use.Finishing making the granulator,using the drum dryer machine to dry the fertilizer granulator and then screen the granulator using the fertilizer screener machine,which using the machine to separarte the quality granulator from the inquality fertilzier granulator.Finally,using the automatic packing machine to pack the quality fertilizer granulator.
A complete organic fertilizer production line,which is designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers , is around these process.These machines are equipped in the line are also easy to be operated and maintained.


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