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The role of biological fertilizers

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1The role of biological fertilizers Empty The role of biological fertilizers on Wed Oct 09, 2019 4:06 pm


The bio organic fertilizer granulators are produced by using the bio fertilizer production line,and the bio organic fertilizer granulator still have some differences from the organic fertilizer granulator.When we use the bio organic fertilizer granulator we need to know the role of the bio fertilizer play in the farming industries.

1. Improve soil fertility. This is the main function of bio-fertilizers, such as various self-generating, combined or symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bio-fertilizers, which can fix nitrogen in the air and increase nitrogen content in the soil; a variety of microorganisms that decompose phosphorus and potassium minerals, such as silicate bacteria, can decompose potassium feldspar, mica and phosphate rock in the soil, so that their insoluble phosphorus and potassium can be effectively dissolved.

2. Manufacturing and assisting crops to absorb nutrients. Some bacterial fertilizers, due to the activity of microorganisms, can not only increase the effective nutrients of the soil, but also produce a variety of hormones and vitamins, thus promoting the growth of crops.

3. Enhance plant stress resistance. After inoculation, some strains of biological fertilizer become dominant bacteria in crop rhizosphere because of their large number of propagation in crop roots. They can secrete antibiotics against fungi and bacteria, thus inhibiting the growth of ADHD bacteria.
As a whole,the bio organic fertilizer granulator have more advantages and in furture,the bio organic fertilizer granulator market will be more wide.So the fertilizer production line which designed by the ferilizer machine manfuacturers to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.
Like the fertilizer production line using the fertilizer manfuacturing process to make the fertilizer granulator,we also have the npk fertilizer production line and the organic fertilizer production line and so on.No matter what type fertilizer production line,if we make the fertilizer into granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine are the main equipment in a complete fertilizer production line.So when we are ready to build a plan to make the fertilizer granulator,we need to choose the suitable fertilizer machines.To a large extent,the machines type what you can use is related to your raw material and your producing yield.


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